Monday, January 16, 2012

A Quarter of a Century: Turning 25 Years Old!

Today was amazing.  It was the second time I could not celebrate my birthday at "home", but God has shown me that family and friends are not limited to one group of people.  I can't even give an account acurate enough to tell you a story about today.  Instead, I will list the events for you as they happened throughout the day so you may see just how generous our God is with His blessings.

My Bible Class Group!  (Minus 2)

  1. For the first time ever (since I can recall), my birthday fell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  2. I overslept and one of my fellow novices rescued me by knocking on my door, so I was able to get up with just enough time to make my way to 7:30 a.m. Mass
  3. When receiving Holy Communion at Mass, the Sister ministering the Precious Blood handed the chalice to me she said, "Happy Birthday, the Blood of Christ".  It was the best way to receive our Lord!
  4. I ate breakfast with many of the Sisters whom I don't get to see often... There were waffles and cream-o-wheat, too, yum!
  5. My breakfast companions sang a delightful Happy Birthday to me
  6. I found a gift tucked away in my pew at Chapel, along with a heartfelt card
  7. Upon returning from Mass, each of the Sisters in my house had either placed a gift, a card, or both outside of my bedroom door.  Each card made me laugh or smile; there were comments anywhere from "Enjoy a day with Nutella" to "You're a blessing"
  8. I had spiritual direction with my holy Franciscan priest, and as I drove there I listened to my Clay Aiken Christmas CD (only because he sings "Mary Did You Know" so beautifully).  Plus, I didn't get lost!  I almost did, but God helped me out
  9. My mom and two sisters called to wish me a happy birthday and let me know they were passing out gifts to each other... Oh how I love them
  10. I finished my Bible class homework
  11. Sister Carlotta made the banana pudding dessert I requested as a birthday treat.  My mom said she got it from a Vanilla Wafer box, but hey, I like it!  Have you ever had it? -- Vanilla Wafers covered in sliced bananas and French Vanilla pudding -- It's delicious, yet simple
  12. I went to Bible class
  13. My wonderful wonderful groupmates surprised me with a birthday song, an amazing lime/coconut/cool whip/sponge cake, gifts and a card
  14. When we left Bible class our van wouldn't start and the snow had begun to fly all around in the icy wind!  But God provided and two of my groupmates saved us with their jumper cables and loving assistance
  15. We finally got some snow after our October freak-storm
  16. Plus I got countless birthday wishes and blessings via email, Facebook and snail mail!
All I can think to say is Thank You: to our God and to His magnificent people.  Amen :)

The best photo we could get as we cowered inside the van...