Thursday, November 17, 2011

Franciscans Are My Favorite

Sister Clare and Myself
I was recently given the opportunity, along with my three of my fellow novices, to go with our Assistant Director to four days of Franciscan wonderment in Graymoor, NY.  From Tuesday, November 8th until Friday, November 11th we enjoyed the fellowship of other novices and the like from several different Franciscan communities.  The speaker, Sister Clare D'Auria, OSF, shared her wisdom on discernment and what it means to be a part of the Franciscan family.  The photos and links offer you a little window into the time we spent there... The videos are skits or parodies performed by several of the novices and postulants who attended the conference that week.

Our dear TOR Sisters did a wonderful parody to "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" -- it was fantastic.  They're included in our plan for the next skit, of course.

We can't leave out our TOR Brothers who did a hilarious sing-a-long song!

And the OFM Brothers put on the best magic show I've ever seen.
Some Franciscan Fun -- TORs and Felicians!

I learned so much, not only from our speaker, but also from my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  I learned that not only is it possible to "put yourself out there" -- talents, non-talents and all -- but it's possible to be accepted for these things as well.  I felt so comfortable with these people that I knew even if I had done a solo and sang something in my toneless voice, I would've walked away receiving plenty of honest encouragement.  These people are real: They're genuine, they're humble, they're loving... I was blessed first with my biological family, but it seems I have been blessed also with the best extended family anyone could ask for.  I only pray that I may fit right in and be able to accept not only myself with all of my imperfections, but others with all of their imperfections as well.  Sister Clare reminded us during the week that, "God is always with us.  Whether we go to the left, or go to the right, He's right there, telling us, 'This is the way, walk in it.'  Even when we choose the wrong path or make a mistake, He's still with us."  Should we not, then, be ready to always accompany our neighbor no matter what journey they are on or where they are at in that journey?  In doing so, we would give each other a better idea of who God truly is.

Our Great Franciscan Group!